WebAnno - Use Case Template

Use Case Template

If you have used WebAnno for an annotation project, we would love to include it in the WebAnno use-case gallery. This gives your work a spotlight and helps us demonstrating the versatility of WebAnno.

Below is a short template with information that should be included in a use-case submission. Please also have a look at other use-cases in the gallery if you would like to get some inspiration for how to best present your work.

  • Title
  • Description
    • short description of the data set and annotation task
    • optionally any key features of WebAnno that were essential for the task (and which set WebAnno apart from other tools that were considered)
    • optionally short description of how data was imported to and exported from WebAnno
  • Website URL(s)
    • website describing the research project in which WebAnno was used
  • Publication URL(s)
    • links to any publications from the project in which the use of WebAnno was described or mentioned
  • Data URL(s)
    • where the annotated data an be downloaded
  • Screenshot(s)
    • screenshot illustrating the annotated data, best from the annotation page
    • best provide one or more screenshots of the entire WebAnno browser window, I would cut out a suitable “thumbnail” area which would link to the full image when clicked on in the gallery

Please send the description by mail to: richard.eckart AT gmail.com