WebAnno - Domain-Adaptive Text Mining

Domain-Adaptive Text Mining

... to Support Knowledge Discovery in Scientific Historical Literature

Source: This example was kindly contributed by Erik-Lân Do Dinh, Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

This project has annotated metaphors in historical German texts. Different annotation layers in WebAnno allowed the annotation using different metaphor definitions. Import and export is handled using the UIMA binary format. This way the corpus can be pre-processed (tokenization) and the resulting annotations can be processed further.

For more details, see the project website.

  • Do Dinh, Erik-Lân, Gerloff, Malte, Núñez, Alexandra (2016). Metaphern digital - Auf dem Weg von der Annotation zur automatischen Detektion. Konferenzabstracts DHd 2016 [PDF]