WebAnno - REMAN


Relational Emotion Annotation for Fiction

Source: This example was kindly contributed by Evgeny Kim, Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS), University in Stuttgart, Germany

The REMAN corpus contains annotation of a literature corpus with emotions, experiencers of these emotions, as well as causes and targets of the emotions. Detailed information can be found in the publication linked below.

Key WebAnno features used in the project include:

  • UIMA CAS XMI export and import
  • possibility to import previous annotations
  • curation.

The dataset used in this project consists of 1720 sentence triples from 188 books from the Project Gutenberg. The annotation task is described in detail in the annotation guidelines (included in the dataset).

  • Evgeny Kim and Roman Klinger. Who Feels What and Why? Annotation of a Literature Corpus with Semantic Roles of Emotions. In Proceedings of COLING 2018, the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Santa Fe, USA, August 2018. [PDF] [BIB]