Contemporary Bioethics and the History of the Unborn in Islam

Source: This example was kindly contributed by Alicia González Martínez, Universität Hamburg, Germany, ERC-Project COBHUNI

The COBHUNI project investigates how the ideas of prenatal life in Islamic history have developed over 1400 years of Islamic history and to show in an overall view, which factors have influenced and possibly also changed these ideas at different times.

The COBHUNI corpus includes a collection of Islamic religious texts from different historical periods.

The annotation task consists of selecting passages of variable-length within the documents and marking them with relevant topics in Islamic literature related to Islamic bioethics.

WebAnno has several essential properties that made it suitable for this project:

  • it allows creating and using ad-hoc tagsets,
  • it supports overlapping annotations,
  • it includes a wide range of formats for importing and exporting
  • and –the most important of all– it supports bidirectional texts and Right-To-Left scripts.

The data was imported into WebAnno by implementing a converter from JSON into XMI using the UIMA and DKPro Core frameworks (code can be found here).