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INCEpTION is the new open source text annotation platform that has all the flexibility and many more exciting features including a completely new human-in-the-loop annotation assistance support, the ability to search texts and annotations, support for RDF/SPARQL knowledge bases for entity linking, and much more.
And best: it can import your WebAnno annotation1 projects.
1 Projects of type 'automation' or 'correction' are not supported.

WebAnno 3.6.11

Release notes

If you upgrade an existing WebAnno installation, be sure to closely follow the upgrade instructions.

Standalone Version

Use this version if you want to use or try out WebAnno on your workstation. You download a runnable JAR that can be started using a double-click in your file manager or on the command line using java -jar webanno-webapp-3.6.11-standalone.jar. WebAnno will create a directory called .webanno under your home directory and store its database and files there.

Server Version

Use this version if you want to run WebAnno on a server. This version requires a Tomcat server and should be used in conjunction with a MySQL database. Be sure to follow the installation guide closely.


Download the following examples. Then import the ZIP files from the Project management page in WebAnno.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure that your browser is not configured to automatically extract ZIP files and do not extract the ZIP files. They need to be imported into WebAnno as-is. E.g. if you are using Safari on OS X, please go to the menu Safari -> Preferences and on the General tab, disable the Open “safe” files after downloading option before downloading any of the example projects.