WebAnno - Downloads (beta)

WebAnno 4.0.0-beta-23


Do not use this software for serious work - before its final release, WebAnno might change in ways incompatible with this pre-release. Do not expect forthcoming beta versions or the next release version of WebAnno to be fully compatible with this beta version.

Beta versions are slower than normal - beta versions of WebAnno perform various consistency checks on annotated documents. These checks may significantly reduce response times, in particular for documents with many annotations! If you get errors like “CAS Doctor found problems for user …”, please contact us, e.g. by opening an issue.

When (not if) you discover bugs or hit problems with these versions, please report them in our issue tracker.

Release notes

Standalone Version

Use this version if you want to use or try out WebAnno on your workstation. You download a runnable JAR that can be started using a double-click in your file manager or on the command line using java -jar webanno-standalone-4.0.0-beta-23.jar. WebAnno will create a directory called .webanno under your home directory and store its database and files there.

Server Version

Use this version if you want to run WebAnno on a server. This version requires a Tomcat server and should be used in conjunction with a MySQL database. Be sure to follow the installation guide closely.